Eternal Flower Bra

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Fuchsia lurex flower top with black cotton and fluff straps.



Everything that we sell is handmade and knitted only for you.This is our way to fight overproduction and fast fashion. 

This product is part of the  #slowfashion movement, so you might have to wait a few weeks for its production, as it is made to order.

Thank you for supporting our emerging brand and contributing to help the planet.


100% lurex - 100% cotton - 100% viscose



Made by hand with 100% lurex. It takes 5 hours to finish. 

Knitted by our team: Anaïs, Carmen and Nuria.

Labor hours: 20 €/ hour

Lurex price: 54,36€ per KG

Cotton price: 40,50 € per KG